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Our hospital was founded by late Hikmet KIRDAR, M.D., Anesthetist. Dr. Kırdar had founded the REANIMATION SERVICE at SAKARYA STATE HOSPITAL, the first of its kind in Sakarya at the time. He was also the first physician to introduce “ozone therapy” in Turkey. A pioneer in private hospital operations, Dr. Kırdar had originally founded ŞİFA Hospital in Adapazarı, and later established Yeni Cami Private Beyhekim Outpatient Care Clinic, and afterward Özel Beyhekim Hospital on Sakarya Avenue in 1992. Recognizing the need for a larger and better equipped facility, Dr. Kırdar moved Beyhekim Hospital to its current location in October 2000, one year after the earthquake that devastated the region in 1999, to improve the quality of care provided to patients. Dr. Kırdar passed away on March 14, 2009, and his role as Chief Physician has since been assumed by his son, Mehmet Medar KIRDAR, M.D., Surgeon. Currently, Private Beyhekim Hospital offers medical services to patients in a total indoor area of 2800 sqm, along with our new wing.

Private Beyhekim Hospital offers an interior and exterior setting that maximizes privacy and comfort for patients beyond the customary hospitalized care. We strive to ensure utmost compliance with the highest quality standards to drive excellence of our hospital’s technological equipment, security, functionality, comfort and physical facilities, including a parking garage. We remain committed to serving our patients in a larger, more comfortable and relaxed setting, and continually renewing our facilities to offer the best care for our patients in a comfortable environment.

Hikmet KIRDAR, M.D., Anesthetist


Dr. Kırdar passed away on March 14, 2009, on the Medicine Day.


He was originally known as EKMELÜDDİN MÜEYYED EL NAHCUVANI, the “Sultan of Physicians” or the “Khan of Physicians.” BEYHEKİM was the most prominent, perhaps the first of the significant physicians that emerged during the Reign of the Seljuk Empire. He was the chief physician for a period of time at Cevher Nesibe medical facility in Kayseri. Kayseri Cevher Nesibe Medical Facility was the first medical school of the world, and students were required to prepare a dissertation to qualify for graduation. If they were able to successfully defend their dissertation, BEYHEKİM would grant them a certificate of authorization, practically a license to practice in the Seljuk territories. The date of birth and death of this significant physician is unfortunately not known. The records indicate that he was a disciple and physician of Hz. Mevlana, and physician of Sultan Veled, the son of Hz. Mevlana.

Known to this day as Mevlana’s doctor, BEYHEKİM had cured various illnesses that Mevlana had and was beside Mevlana on the day of his death.  On one occasion, BEYHEKİM was concocting a medicament, so called Tıryak-i Faruk (Theriac of Truth) , for Sultan Rükneddin, and Hz. Mevlana came by. When BEYHEKİM offered Mevlana to taste a pinch, Mevlana responded jocularly “Ekmelüddin, a dragon ails me inside, and not even your theriac could cure it, if an ocean full of it were available.”

BEYHEKİM, who was physician to Hz. Mevlana and his family, is referenced with great respect in “Mektubat-ı Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi.” In a letter to BEYHEKİM, Hz. Mevlana had addressed him:

“O the greatest of physicians, the purest of the essence of life, the antidote to troubles and venoms, the fruit of the tree of wisdom, the remover of evil induced by rowdy folks, the jewel of the ocean of skills and abilities…,” expressing his gratitude and appreciation.

Bahaeddin Veled also has a letter in which he addressed BEYHEKİM with much reverence. He penned a forty-line eulogy to honor BEYHEKİM, where the initial letters of each line formed the word EKMELÜDDİN MÜEYYED EL NAHCUVANI. Today, BEYHEKİM has not a site of his hospital in Konya, where he had had built mosque and a hospital. A council who had, in the name of Mehmed II the Conqueror, built an inventory of foundations in Konya, they had recorded the site where his tomb is located as follows: “VAKF-I MESCİD-İ BEYHEKİM DER MAHALLE-İ DEVLET HAN”

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