Emergency Care

Our Emergency Care outpatient clinic serves patients in all age groups 24/7 with a staff of experienced physicians, nurses and medical personnel. Our staff attend patients who are in need of emergency care (e.g. cases of head trauma, falls from height, impaired consciousness, respiratory distress, choking, pressure and pain sensation in the chest, bleeding, abdominal pain and rigidity, vomiting, headache and speaking difficulty, intoxication, head, neck and spinal injury, dislocation, fracture and sprain,  fire and explosion injuries, electric shock, traffic accidents, animal bites, foreign objects in the eye, ear or nose) rapidly and in the best manner possible in line with the applicable quality standards to ensure proper care. Patients presenting at our emergency care outpatient clinic receive cross-disciplinary support from our physicians with various specialties on a 24 hour basis. The emergency care outpatient clinic has 24-hour access to our laboratory and radiology services.

Our ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and available for emergency care and transfers on a 24-hour basis. Call 0(264) 222 1 555 for our ambulance service.

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