PRP And EDSWT Therapy In Erectil Dysfunction

PRP And EDSWT Therapy In Erectil Dysfunction

The best treatment method is EDSWT in men who have erectil dysfunction.

EDSWT (ERECTIL DISFONCTION SHOCK WAVE THERAPY) : is a treatment that has no surgery, anesthesia, hospitilization, painless, needing aproaximetly 45 minutes, administering with a special device penis and around the penis.

It has two methods that applied:

  1. Electrical shock waves formed by the piezo-electric system
  2. Magnetic shock waves formed by the Electro-Magnetic system

In our hospital EDSWT theraphy is applied with NOVAMEDTEK brand device (Novamed ED60), which creates magnetic shock waves, with a linear applicator

It is administered 6 clinics, totally, twice a week for 3 weeks. (ex: Monday- Friday)

In every clinic a total of 3000 shock waves are given to the penis and its circumference by making 7500 shock wave shots from each focus in 4 foci.

A total of 18,000 shots are made in 6 sessions.

Addition to EDSWT theraphy PRP theraphy is recommended and supported with medical treatment. 3 months later, patient come for checking and if it is necessary 1 more EDSWT and PRP treatments cure are applied.

The main problem in Erectile Dysfunction is the consentating of the veins coming to the penis due to various reasons and therefore the erection problem as a result of the inability of sufficient blood go to the erection bodies of the penis for erection.

Erectile Dysfunction is seen more often in one who is over 40 year-old, has diabet, prostate disease, get Radical Prostatectomy operation because of prostate cancer, undergo radiotherapy to pelvic area, has hypercholesterolemic, hypertension, cardiac trouble and vascular disease, smokes and drinks alchol, is obese, has psychological problems.

EDSWT is a new theraphy method developed for erectile dysfunction, which is seen approximately 50% of over 40 year-old men.

In the scientific researches, has been proven that the magnetic shock waves made by the Novamed ED 60 device treats the insulted vascular internal structure and form new microveins (NEOENDOTELIZATION and ANGIOGENESIS) through stem cells, therefore increasing  the blood flow in the penis and treating the main cause of the erection dysfunction.

Erection Dysfunction is more successfull when it is applied with EDSWT theraphy and PRP  theraphy and medical theraphy

PRP (PLATELET Rich Plasma), is a plasma fluid getting from one’s own blood.

Approximately 5 cc of PRP liquid is get by treating 15cc of blood taken from one with the help of the filters and centrifuge in the disposable PRP kit. There are intensely platelets and growth factors (PDGF, VEGF, TGF-alpha and TGF-beta) in the PRP fluid. PRP fluid is given to the erectile bodies of the penis (Corpus Cavernosum = Cavernous Body) with an insulin injector needle. When PRP liquid is injected into the diseased area, it repairs this area, heals tissue, neoplasm, and rejevunates the stem cells in these tissues. However, PRP treatment is not directly a STEM CELL treatment.

In the reaction problem that occur due to organic reasons, the occlusion of the capillaries in the penis, cell death due to aging, called apoptosis, increasing collage tissue instead of dying cells, development of fibrosis, the erection function and elasticity of the penis are destroyed. The capillaries in the cavernous bodies that provide hardening are decreased. And smooth muscles are replaced by hard, inelastic hard fibrotic tissues. Therefore, the hardening of the penis and its ability to maintain its hardness is destroyed.

Injecting the PRP liquid into the cavernous body providing erection of the penis, providing new veins, providing erection (ANGIOGENESIS), regeneration of tissues, (REGENERATION) and rejuvenation.

In erectile dysfunction, PRP theraphy is applied once in two days, totally 3 clinics. Maintenance therapy as a single dose at 3, 6 and 12 months increases efficacy.

In erectile dysfunction treatment both EDSWT and PRP are effective methods. Scientific researchs show that treatment is more efficent when these two methods is applied together.

First, by applying ESWT treatment, micro-traumatic, stimulating areas are made in the cavernous bodies with shock waves, and the platelets start to repair this area and start the new vein formation process.

PRP fluid, on the other hand, repairs the damaged areas in the cavernous body with higher efficiency, since it is a fluid enriched with platelets (thrombocyte) with the procedures performed.

For this reason, in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, we achieve the most effective treatment results with PRP application at the end of EDSWT application.

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