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About the Safety Reporting System

The development process of Service Quality Standards in many developed nations was based on studies of the methods for reporting actual or potential risks to patient health and identification of reportable events. The concept of event reporting was originally conceived in the USA in early 1980s, and adopted across European nations through the 2000s. The practices in different countries often vary, where reporting is overseen by public authorities in some countries or by private institutions in others. Also, some countries make reporting mandatory while others treat it as a voluntary action. The reportable events also vary between countries, where reportable events are grouped under three or four main headings and only those events that most significantly pose a risk to patient health are classified as reportable.

In the light of the studies and the knowledge thus far accumulated, an effort was launched in Turkey to develop a system for reporting events which pose a patient health risk in Turkey, resulting in a “Safety Reporting System” which was launched for use across healthcare providers from July 01, 2011. The standard of the system was revised on April 01, 2012, simplifying the system to cover three classifications for patient safety.

The system is designed to prevent recurrence of events that have caused harm to patients and/or detection of events before they cause harm, and provide a curriculum of reportable events. The system also aims to encourage a reporting culture across healthcare providers, and ensure that lessons are learned from events, a learning process and solutions are developed, and solutions are implemented.

Organizational supervisors and Quality Management Directors have a crucial role in ensuring the functionality of the system, with the involvement of all medical employees.

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