Ozone Therapy

Private Beyhekim Hospital is the first to offer Ozone Therapy in Sakarya region.


Ozone is a colorless gaseous substance with a unique odor formed by addition of another oxygen atom to the oxygen molecule. It is a key component of our atmosphere. It helps maintain the biological balance of our planet, blocking harmful rays and making life possible on earth. It provides a protective shield enveloping the planet and protecting animal and plant life against destructive effects of solar radiation.

Active oxygen, also known as ozone, is a highly potent antimicrobial and odor removal agent. Formed by solar ultraviolet rays (during the early hours of dawn) and electric arcs created by lightning, ozone helps clear the air. The sensation of clean air, particularly noticeable at high elevations and seaside, is owed to the effects of ozone forming in those areas. During early hours of dawn, sunrays generate ozone in the air when passing through the atmosphere, which is why the air smells particularly pleasant in early mornings. It is therefore highly advisable to get up early and inhale ozone in the air.

Studies have shown that weakening of the atmospheric ozone layer is altering the balance of our planet. Ozone is crucial for the planet and human life. The ozone layer is what filters the harmful and toxic effects of sunrays.

Weakening of the ozone layer is having a detrimental effect on life across our planet. Various chemical compounds damage the ozone layer and cause destruction of natural ozone in the environment. In recent years, international laws have been put into force prohibiting production and use of chemical compounds harmful to the ozone layer.

This will hopefully help prevent damage to the ozone layer which is crucial for human and other life on our planet.


Ozone used in medical practice is derived from 100% pure oxygen. The actual ozone substance used in therapy is not purely ozone, but a mixture of ozone and oxygen. It can be only obtained using very sophisticated, high-precision devices. The dosage is adjusted for individual patients. Modern devices allow obtaining therapeutic ozone at very small and precise doses, and is completely safe when administered by a trained professional. As a natural warning, ozone must not be directly smelled or inhaled. If inhaled directly, ozone irritates lungs. However, inhalation of ozone-adsorbed oils has revolutionized management of asthma and other respiratory conditions.

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